PokerStars Mobile Client, Real Money Poker on iPhone, iPad, Android
PokerStars Mobile Client

Poker Stars Mobile is now available in the UK, a service which was until now limited to players in Italy.'s fame for distinction and inventiveness is displayed through the quality of the mobile poker application. Poker fans are praising the advantages of the ability to play online poker from any location. Please note that PokerStars Mobile uses up ca. 10KB/min down and 5KB/min upload so if using a limited data tariff you might think about getting a more robust plan before playing on Mobile. As another option, using Wireless LAN connections would be our recommendation.

Instructions on Registering and Depositing

Some important info to take note of: The mobile app does not allow at the present time sign ups or deposits. The desktop client must be used for registering and depositing. If you already are a PokerStars member and have some funds on your account, feel free to ignore the following instructions.

1: First download the client.

2: Install the software by opening the downloaded file.

3: Create a new account.

4: You have to first make a deposit if you want to play for real money. In the case that this is your first ever deposit at, the 100% up to $600 First Deposit bonus is yours for the taking. Just use bonus code STARS600 with every deposit to ensure that every deposit transaction qualifies towards the bonus.

At this point you are ready to download the Poker Stars Mobile app. Here are instructions for installing the app for Apple devices like iPhones and iPads, and for Google Android devices.

Installation for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The easiest solution is launch the App Store and search for PokerStars. After a couple clicks, the software will be installed and you'll be ready to hit the tables.

Another way to install the app is to use iTunes - first download the app via iTunes, then sync with your iPhone or iPad.

You can also visit where you can enter your phone number so that PokerStars can send you a link with instructions on how to install the app.

Finally, you can also scan the QR code on the bottom of this page. That will also take you to the download page for the PokerStars mobile app.

Installation for Android Devices

Just visit the Market app, run a search for PokerStars and click install.

Alternatively visit and follow the instructions there.

As a final alternative, you can scan in the QR code with a QR scanning app (see the bottom of this page). This will also take you to the correct download page.

Detailed Review of the Software

After creating an account and installing the app on your device, you're ready to play poker where ever you are. Launch the Mobile app and you will be taken to the Login page where you will need to enter your username and password. Go to the lobby and you will see that since the same game server is used for both mobile and desktop clients, all PokerStars games are available to you, from nano stakes to high stakes. In the lobby you can choose whether you want to play ring games, Sit-and-Gos or tournaments. Then you are given the choice of playing in Dollars, Euros or play money, and the type of game you would like to join - No-limit or Limit Hold'em, Pot-limit or Limit Omaha, or Limit, PL or NL Omaha Eight-or-Better. The choices are then to play 6max, Full Ring or Heads-up, and also to choose from CAP, 40-100bb or 100-250bb structures. Select "play now" to start playing in a flash at an available table, or select "show games" if you would like to find yourself the table of your choice.

PokerStars Mobile Table

What will strike you straight away when you start playing is that the UI is so uncluttered and intuitive. The buttons are big and clearly labeled, and the bet slider is very responsive. Chip counts of players are very easy to read and the overall layout does not at all feel constrained. The software is very snappy and smooth; it responds very quickly to user actions. At the top edge of the screen, you'll see options to leave the table, access the menu and go back to the lobby. A useful aspect of this top part of the screen is an overview showing an icon view representing each table you're sitting at, the current hole cards you hold on each table, and a notification feature where an alert icon lets you know that it's your turn to act at that particular table.

Up to 5 tables are playable at once on PokerStars Mobile and the program works just as smoothly with five tables as it does with one. It is super simple to multi table as it is on the normal client and the user experience is basically just as good as on your computer at home. It looks like Poker Stars' programmers have developed a great product to defend their position as a trend setter and has set a high standard for the competition to try to beat.

Remember, you can earn and clear your bonus while playing on the Poker mobile client. But it's only for new players, so make sure to download/register your account through, then enter the PokerStars bonus code STARS600 when making your first deposit. This will give you up to a $600 deposit bonus which you can then start clearing on your mobile device. Just think, on your commute to work, you could be playing and earning real cash!

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