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PokerStars Marketing Code

PokerStars, one of the hottest virtual poker sites on the whole net, is now even hotter with their addition of exclusive marketing codes from Download Stars! By entering the PokerStars Marketing Code "flopturnriver" you can earn an additional $1,000 in monthly tournaments. Almost all of these tournaments aren't open to the general pubic, so you'll be in for an exclusive treat seen by very few in the illustrious online poker world. Not only that, but with the additional PokerStars Bonus Code "STARS600" users can earn a 100% bonus on all deposits, up to $600! With this code and the PokerStars Marketing Code combined, you can get up to a cool $12,000 in extras just for signing up and depositing per year.

It's incredibly easy to sign up and get in on this, as all you need to do is to go to the PokerStars web site and download the appropriate software, which can be found easily on the PokerStars site. Clocking in at only 7 MB, with a standard cable connection it should only take up to a minute or so to complete. Once downloaded, click on the software to install it, which is completed with ease through the installation wizard. A few clicks later and your new PokerStars software is ready for you to sign up and create your new account.

To create said account, and thusly use your newly minted PokerStars Marketing Code, users need to click on their newly installed program to run it and start it up. Once started, you can either click on "Account" menu or the "Log In" button to start the account creation process. PokerStars will then require you to enter some basic information about yourself, including your new user name and password. Once this is completed, the software will ask you how you found out about their poker site, at which point you will need to click on the 'radio' button next to 'Internet Discussion Board' to let them know you found out about their great deals from Download Stars. When it asks you to fill in the specific site, please type in our partner site, "", and then right beneath it in the marketing code field you will need to type in the PokerStars Marketing Code "flopturnriver" to get your bonus.

Now, this PokerStars Marketing Code isn't the only bonus, as there is still that PokerStars Bonus Code to get to. When you make your first deposit, be sure to enter "STARS600" to get in on a great 100% bonus up to $600! If you don't have enough to deposit to make it up to $600, you need not fret, as PokerStars makes it easy to make deposits for up to 90 days after entering said bonus code for it to apply. With a great PokerStars Marketing Code, fantastic Bonus Codes, exclusive tournaments and a fantastic support team to help all users every step of the way, PokerStars is not only one of the largest online poker sites on the net, but one of the best.