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PokerStars Install

More poker players choose than any other online poker site in the world. With state of the art software, the best customer service in the industry, Mac-compatibility, the acceptance of US poker players, many different games to choose from, an easy PokerStars install, and pots reaching as high as $500,000, there is good reason for this. The list of games at PokerStars is tremendous, including Texas Hold Em, Omaha, and Stud. These games are also broken down into traditional ring games, sit & go tournaments, and larger tournaments. But in order to play any of these games, you must know how to use PokerStars Install. This might sound intimidating, but it's actually very simple.

The first step to using PokerStars Install is to visit PokerStars by clicking the "Visit PokerStars" button on the right of this page or any banner on this site. Once you're at the PokerStars Install page, look for the Download button on the top left corner of the page. This is the button that will lead you to poker paradise. That being the case, click the Download button. A 10.6MB-file called PokerStarsInstall.exe will appear. Don't get nervous. This is just technical jargon. All you need to do is select the Save option. The file will then begin to download. After the download, there will be an option to Run the program. There will be a warning stating that the file you're about to run might harm your computer. This happens whenever a computer security system does not recognize a site. If you're the worrying type, here is a fact that might ease your mind: PokerStars wouldn't be the biggest online poker site in the world if it harmed people's computers. Needless to say, select Run. There is a 100% guarantee that the PokerStars download package has been tested to be safe.

The PokerStars Wizard page will appear next. Here, you will see 26 languages from which to choose. Select your language of preference and hit the Next button. The PokerStars Terms and Conditions will come up. This step can be bypassed, especially if you're anxious to play some poker. But if you're the type of person that needs to know every detail, then go ahead and read it. It will only take a few minutes.

After you're through with the Terms and Conditions, press the Install button. As the program is installing, you will most likely feel a rush of excited energy pass through your body. Don't be alarmed; this is normal for any poker player. Before you know it, PokerStars will launch. From here, take two minutes to create a new account. This is a quick process. All you need to do is enter your name, your e-mail, your country, and how you heard about PokerStars. This is where you should enter the Marketing Code flopturnriver so that you will receive a $600 bonus plus monthly $1000 in money added tournaments and freerolls. A validation code will then be sent to your e-mail address. Once you have this important code, go back to PokerStars and enter it. Once that code is entered, viola, your membership will be approved and you will be taken to the lobby.

Then, when you are ready to make your first deposit, just use the PokerStars bonus code STARS600 to claim your $600 bonus.

Enjoy your time at the finest virtual felt in the online universe.