Play Zoom Poker at PokerStars, Fast Rush Poker
PokerStars Zoom Poker has announced the release of its entirely new way to experience the great game of poker, Zoom Poker, the industry’s most efficient poker game. Now, poker pros around the globe can check, bet, or fold more cards in a time span so short, the action literally never stops.

Before you begin, remember you can earn your bonus playing Zoom Poker. Just follow the steps below:

1) Download the PokerStars client.
2) Install the software.
3) Create your new account, using the Marketing Code FLOPTURNRIVER. (Which gives you $1,000 extra per month)
4) Make your first real money deposit using the bonus code STARS600.
5) Pull up a Zoom Poker table and start clearing your bonus!

Instead of just working with the same eight opponents for one game, Poker Stars Zoom Poker places players in competition with a large pool of players. When you fold, you have a new hand at a new table in seconds. Players may fold whenever they want, if they’re facing a bet. Zoom Poker has a “Fast Fold” feature which allows players to move to a new table without having to wait and watch the current hand play out. When “Fast Fold” is clicked, players are moved to a new table with a new hand, without any lag time.

Card pros searching for the fastest path to a daily profit will find the jackpot when they explore PokerStars’ “Zoom” tab, right inside the main lobby. In the PokerStars “Zoom” client, players can select an array of games and stakes. Those used to multi-tabling 4 or 5 single tables will soon find out that a single Zoom table is more than fast enough to scratch the action itch. PokerStars allows for a maximum of four Zoom tables going at one time. As soon as you’ve bought in to Zoom Poker, you will be seated at the virtual felt with eight random opponents. The initial hand is usually from the big blind. For later hands, you are likely to pay the big blind at the same rate as a normal game, only at an accelerated rate, due to the lack of time between Zoom Poker hands. PokerStars selects who pays the big blind by finding which card player at the ultra-fast Zoom table has produced the big blind the least.

For the tables you don’t want to leave immediately, perhaps if you need to analyze how the other players played their cards, PokerStars has included a useful feature. Select the CTRL key when clicking “Fold” and Zoom will hold you at the table for the rest of the hand. Be aware: make sure you are clicking “Fold” and not “Fast Fold”, which always moves you to a new table.

Zoom can be played at Hold ‘Em, Omaha, and Draw games with a variety of stakes. As Zoom Poker grows in popularity, PokerStars has plans to a wide range of game types, stakes, tournaments, and more.

Zoom Poker Table at PokerStars
PokerStars Zoom Poker